About the Roman Medicine Roadshow
About the Roman Medicine Roadshow

About the Roadshow

Whilst the future of medicine may offer solutions to disease and illness, it is important for us to look to our past to learn lessons of how medical science has changed (and in some cases stayed the same!) over thousands of years.

The Roman Medicine RoadShow explores the history & archaeology of medicine and medical practices in Britain throughout the Roman occupation of AD43- c410 and explores the medical treatment of pre- and post-Roman societies. The project is developed in partnership with educational experts, archaeologists and scientists in order to explore the historical impact of medical science, considering ideas and attitudes towards health, medicine and the human body in Roman society.

The project has been funded by a People Award from the Wellcome Trust. The funding is awarded to projects that enable the public to explore biomedical science, its impact on society and culture, its historical roots and the ethical questions that it raises.